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I created this recommendation list for the broad spectrum. I chose every supplement here on the groundwork of scientific research and my personal experience.

  • My goal is to create a quick overview for anyone into this complex topic without the whole marketing bullshit.
  • All the links are affiliates – which means I get a small amount of money without any additional costs for you. With each purchase you support my work here – I truly thank you for your support!
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I’ve taken all of these supplements for a long time now and most of them even daily.

There are a lot of supplements out there which could be useful for some people (like vegans, women, marathoners, professional athletes, dudes on steroids, …) but I skipped them. If I would list every supplement that could be useful in some condition – this list would be endless and miss its target.

I held these recommendations rather compact – if you wanna know more about each supplement read this in-depth guide of mine.
Anyways, if you got some questions regarding these supplements or some other supplements, feel free to leave a comment.



This is a banner for the supplement creatine.

Creatine* is the single most researched supplement – ever.

I think everybody knows it. The monohydrate is the one with the most scientific backup- the many other forms don’t offer you any benefits. Expect the marketer – it fills their pockets even better.

Creatine is used to enhance your maximum strength and is hard to eat enough solely with your regular nutrition.

Just take 3-5g daily depending on your bodyweight. Don’t try to cycle it. There isn’t any benefit. The only thing that counts is that you get around 20g of creatine per week.

Keep it simple!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This is a banner for the supplement  omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids* are beneficial for many body functions, especially for your cognitive function, your coronary system and to avoid chronic inflammations.

More important than solely the amount of omega-3s consumed is the total omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. They have to be balanced.

And – let’s be real – we all eat not enough fish.

Take 3g fish oil or 300 mg Omega-3s per day and you are fine. Just watch out that you buy them as triglycerides.

Vitamin K2

This is a banner for the supplement  vitamin k2.

Vitamin K2* is not known for a long time. We just discovered it recently and found out that many of us have a too low intake.

It can be found in fermented products, egg yolks, and innards. Vitamin K2 is important for healthy bones and should always be taken in combination with Vitamin D3.

I would suggest a daily intake of 100mcg or 200mcg every two days.

Vitamin D3

This is a banner for the supplement  vitamin d3.

Nearly everyone and his dog living in the Northern Hemisphere should take Vitamin D3*.

Your bones, your hormones, your general well-being and even your muscles will thank you for it!

Our skin gets nearly no direct sun contact. Besides that we aren’t that much outside unclothed.

I suggest a daily intake of 2000-4000 IU or 10-20mcg depending on your total body weight.


This is a banner for the supplement  melatonin.

The gamechanger when it comes to sleeping issues!
It will help you get to sleep quicker without the issues of harder sleeping drugs.

Take about 2-3g of Melatonin* 30min before going to sleep. You’ll sleep-in way easier and faster than before.

You can get additional information on melatonin in this post.


This is a banner for the supplement  gelatin.

Yes – you’ve read it right. Gelatin. No gummy bears, but gelatin you can drink.

Your joints will thank you. Gelatine contains much collagen which is build of the amino acids proline and glycine. You can find these especially as part of the connective tissue.

And here lies the issue. Nobody eats connective tissue these days, and they are hard to find anywhere else in bigger quantities. If you want to know more about gelatine, go ahead and read this short infopost.

I like to take roughly 25g of this cheap gelatine powder* per day in my pre-workout. As an alternative, you could use collagen hydrolysate*, but it’s more pricey.


Protein Powder (Whey 30g/Casein 20g per portion)

This is a banner for the supplement  protein powder.

Good ol’ protein powder. It’s no Must-Have, but can make your life way easier – and tastier.

I strongly believe that my daily post-workout shake is my kind of in-stone chiseled-routine that satisfies my sweet tooth.

You should use protein powders if you like the taste, got problems eating sufficient protein throughout the day, or if you’re just looking for a simple way to get in some quality-calories after a workout.

I could hardly imagine eating 200g of chicken breast right after my workout. 😀

I like the mixture of quickly accessible whey protein* combined with slow-releasing casein*, to supply my body the best way possible with amino acids.

Pro Tipp:

Create your own post-workout shake. Don’t solely use milk plus protein powder. Throw in some oil, berries, nuts, spices, chocolate, or what you would like.
This way your boring chocolate-tasting whey-shake never gets boring and you’re always happy to get a workout done!


This is a banner for the supplement l-citrulline.

This substance can enhance your pump, bro.

I would take 8g 30min pre-workout.

The combination with arginine is just insane if you wanna have a decent pump and got the money for it. But if you just want to spend your money on one solely, choose l-citrulline*. It’s the better solo-player.


This is a banner for the supplement l-arginine.

L-Arginine is a pump booster, too. Like L-Citrulline it’s a reasonable one. Not such biceps-exploding-feeling insane stuff.

Never, NEVER EVER, try to take this stuff without any additional flavor. You’ll regret it! Don’t say I haven’t warned you…

Furtnatly with some additional flavour you don’t taste it anymore- I always drank it with some vanilla-flavoured green tea. That’s a lit combo.

Take 5g of L-Arginine* pre-workout in combination with 8g of l-citrulline. Have fun!

Magnesium citrate

This is a banner for the supplement magnesium citrat.

If you’re moving much or you don’t eat sufficient Magnesium* within your nutrition you should take it as a supplement.

The substance of choice is magnesium citrate. It’s cheap, safe and your body can use it. That’s not the standard for every type of magnesium.

For example, can your body use very few of the basic sold magnesium oxide. The remaining goes into your intestines, remains there and binds water.

So have a look that you’re buying the citrate. Otherwise, it’s just an expensive laxative you are buying.


This is a banner for the supplement l-theanine.

L-Theanine can be found in tea leaves.

It is famous for its synergistic effect in combination with caffeine.

They work together and wake you up. But not just that. Caffeine alone can make you kind of nervous and restless. L-Theanine* works against that and manages to turn this inner nervousness into some relaxed and controlled focus. This condition is called “calm focus”.

My Go-To before every workout is a cup of coffee or 100-200 mg caffeine plus the same amount of L-Theanine*.

Additionally, L-Theanine could be beneficial to ADHD suffering clients. But i can’t say much to this point.


This is a banner for the supplement caffeine.

I think everybody knows caffeine and its effect.

Caffeine is one of the best and most researched supplements in terms of optimizing your performance.

Although performance-enhancing is always negatively connected with other kinds of doping, has caffeine many positive effects.

Just do yourself one favor – don’t be an addict. Try to abstain every two months for one week of it completely. As a consequence, you won’t be that guy who needs one king–size-cup caffeine before he acts socially acceptable.

Caffeine is really cheap. I like to consume it like coffee or tea but if you’re in the mood to throw some pills*, go for it.

You can learn more about caffeine and its relation to sport in this post.

Additional knowledge and studies:

Here you’ll find some additional resources out of the actual world of research. If you’re as nerdy as I am and like to read this scientific stuff. I got you!

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