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• You wanna know more about specific exercises?
• Or you’re looking for new workouts?

Training doesn’t have to be a complicated miracle. Quite on the contrary, ‘keep it simple’ is the rule to live by!

• You wanna learn more about training and the art of programming itself?

I got you covered! This was a topic I struggled myself a lot with.
I always fell into the trap of doing way too much.

Learn from my experience!

• On the lookout for a breakdown of a specific skill?

Chances might be that I already wrote in length about your desired skill.
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Tuck Handstand at Gym
Standing Pike Stretch at home


• Your goal is to get more mobile?
• Looking for easy, but powerful routines?

Mobility is more than stretching halfheartedly for a few minutes.
If you are serious about it, we surely get you your results!

Much of our modern lives lack movement – quality, quantity and variety of movement.
Despite its many advantages, it brought some negatives, too.

Wanna move more? That’s great! Learn here how to create these habits!

The theory behind mobility is complex. But understanding it, without all the medi-babble, has not to mean endless hours of studying.

But if you are a movement nerd like me, these posts are for you!


• What is really important to know about nutrition?
• What is nutrition for me?

Nutrition is one of the most individual and emotional topics – right behind choosing which idiot to elect to rule the state.

Learn the basics about nutrition and add your personal flavor to it!

• Is supplement ‘X’ useful?

Chances might be I already covered your specific supplement!

The fitness industry created a dense forest of too many useless substances and threw them all out into the market.

Find the really useful stuff here!

• How do I improve my recovery?


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