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For now – there are two programs available, besides the free one for my newsletter subscribers.

Freebie: 'From Zero'

'Laying your Foundation'

'Basic Mobility'

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Frequently Asked Questions

Until now, I’ve created 3 programs in total aimed at beginners and athletes-to-be.


They cover the topics:

  • – How to successfully start from zero
  • – How to build up after this early foundation is created
  • – How to build the basic movement capabilities every human should be capable of.

Of course! You will get 100% lifetime access to every program you buy over here. If there is an update I will shoot you an email at your buyer’s email address containing a new download link.

Also, I would love to get your feedback. Everywhere is room for improvement!

If you are seriously unhappy with the program you bought let me know, and we will work out a solution together!

You can read about my refund policy in detail over here.

As said above, I try to be there for you the best possible way a single person via the interwebs, can do:


  • – Feel free to join the support group over at Facebook to share experiences and discuss common sticking points.
  • – If you got any questions get in contact with me ASAP.

My goal with these programs is to provide you the guidance, I didn’t have when starting out – but wish I had.


It had its benefits too, but did cost me a lot of time – wasted for experimenting.

'No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training.'