Basic Mobility


Basic Mobility helps you with what the name suggests – reclaiming the baseline of flexibility every human being should possess for the challenges of his daily life.

Over the course of 3 months, we’re diving deep into positions like the squat, better shoulder flexibility, and getting your hands to the floor. Plus, you can integrate this program within your normal strength work – I even encourage that! Despite the direct flexibility work you’ll learn about the exercises, what it means to be flexible, and how to integrate it into your training.



Flexibility is something that is tough to get into at first. Even the definitions might seem blurry – just think about mobility and flexibility. Few know for sure which means what. But that does’t have to stay that way! Likewise, strength training solid programming can help every adult progress forwards from his starting point to:

  • move with ease,
  • Get rid of stiffness and restrictions,
  • unlocking the squat, a straddle, and the ability to touch the floor!


Then this program is just right for you – because that’s exactly what we’re trying to address over the course of this program. You’ll get:

  • 3 Months of Programming and 4 different templates
  • Self-Assessment for your current flexibility
  • 4 Full-HD Follow along Routines
  • 37-Page Manual explaining the exercises
  • 3 Chapters of bonus content, explaining different flexibility techniques, how you build habits and finally integrate more movement throughout the day


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