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Your new favorite 10′ Legs Warm-Up – the Athletic Way!

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With this post, my calisthenics for beginners post series in which I posted a complete program for anyone interested, is finished. 
This last post covers an athletic legs warm-up.

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You can find the upper warm-up and the actual workouts over here.

This isn’t the best warm-up around the web nor the one to rule them all. There is no such thing.1 It is simply my approach to warming up athletically your legs which has evolved over the years I train.

In this post I want to share the tools I collected in my toolbox with you, to safely prepare your legs for oncoming load!

Let’s take a look at this Legs Warm-Up

The actual Legs Warm-Up Routine

  • Cardio (5-10 Minutes):
    My favorites are rowing or running but feel free to do what you are up to!
  • Breathing (1 Minute)
    Before thinking of moving grab yourself a mat, sit down, and breathe.
    Focus on your body and turn inward. What is it you wanna accomplish today? Any points that need special attention?
    Sit down for 10-20 breaths like that.
  • CAR’s (5r):
    Do 5 controlled circles with your hips, ankles, and knees. In nerd, this is called CARs.
  • Squatroutine (1x10r per exercise ):
    I really like Ido Portals “Squat Clinic Routine”
    If you have trouble performing this routine grab a pole in front of you while doing it. This should help. A light kettlebell* will do the job, too.
  • Glute Bridge (1x15r both-legged/1x8r single-legged)
    Glute Bridges are a great exercise to get a feeling for your glutes.
    I struggled with this a lot. The goal here is to do them slow and controlled and really feel your butt working. The reps are just a rough guideline. 
  • Balance work:
    • Single-Leg Stance (1×1 minute per side)
      Just try to stay stable on one leg.
      Activate all your muscles needed to do so. Especially your abs, glutes, lateral hip and feet should be working hard.
    • Single-Leg Fuckarounds (1x10r per side)
      I have no clue how this exercise is named – nonetheless they are fun.
      To perform them stand on one leg and swing your other leg around trying to keep the balance. Play around in this position.
    • Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts (1x10r)
      Do them just with your own body. No additional weight* needed – although this is a great exercise, too! Al Kavadlo shows you in this video how to do them properly.
    • Stuart Mc Gills Hip Airplane (1x5r)
      This exercise is great to get a feeling for your lateral hip and teach the small muscles there how to work properly.
This image shows all the exercises I utilized in my legs warm-up.

Warm-up successfully done – What Now?

warmup skipping
Skipping is great cardio, too. If you can do it!

After finishing your legs warm-up, they should feel warm and you should be present within your body.

Your body should feel limber and ready to bear some load – whatever you might’ve planned for that given day!

Next up on your to-do-list to call this workout day a DAY, should be 1-2 warm-up sets of the following main exercise:

  • If squats are on your menu – do some bodyweight squats, or with fewer weight for higher reps to prime the movement.
  • If deadlifts are up that day – do some single-legged deadlifts with a light kettlebell.

That’s it! 

All in all this warm-up shouldn’t take longer than 15-20 minutes after you’ve done it a few times. Tell me how you like it!

As you’ve seen I like to warm-up my hip stability and do mobility work prior to my sessions. What are your go-to exercises?

Have a great training week,

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  1. Quite on the contrary – there are many great warm-ups around but I feel that many simply don’t know of them and their importance. I can’t explain otherwise all the guys stretching 30s before trying to max out their bench press.
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