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'From Zero' - for free!

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You'll learn how to progress efficiently towards the foundational skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for guys complete new to calisthenics. It is for people who like to build up everything from the ground up.

After this program you should get the habit of working out down. Training should be second nature to you than.

Plus you will gain strength, size and progress in the skills we work on. Interestingly, this will work quite quickly when starting out.

You will need nearly nothing. Just something to pull yourself up to like a bar is needed and some space.
That’s it!

A session should take no more than 60-70 minutes depending on how intensive you will warm up and work out.

This program is quite open to your individual workout schedule. But, you should at least do 3 sessions per week to fit every workout in once per week. There are also options for 5 or 6 times per week included.

Mobility work is not directly planned into the program.

BUT I’ve included a squat mobility section as a bonus, because I know it takes time to work on that.

Because this is a beginners program I would advise to not do any other strength work alongside this program. If you are playing passionately soccer or some other sport who am I to forbid this endeavor?

What I can recommend is to dedicate a bit of time per week to work on your mobility.
BUT keep in mind that you have to focus something to really see improvements.

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From Zero - The FREE Program To Try Calisthenics Out!

My Program From Zero is for anyone new or curious about Calisthenics. You don't need any prerequisites - anybody can start somewhere. Try it out!

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