Work with me!

I'd love to work with you help you achieve your very own goals!

I can help you with

Getting Stronger

You want to improve your general strength and build the foundation for impressive skills?

We can do that!

Icon Acrobatics

Nailing Skills

You desire to nail a specific skill? That may be your first pushup, a deep squat or a handstand.

We’ll find a way to make it happen!

Icon Skill

Getting Mobile

Your goal is to get more flexible and don’t be that stiff at all? Or are you going after a desired skill like a decent pancake?

Let’s get at it!

That's How it works

How to structure your workout program

Get in Touch with me

First off – let’s write and see if I can help you on your way.


Remember – writing is for free and for some short tips I would never charge anything.


If I think that I can help you and you still think that I am the right guy for the job I will send you my assessment form.


The Assessment form should give me most of the information that I need.


What does your lifestyle look like?

What sports are you doing?

But most important – what are your goals?

And many more…


Maybe I need some additional photos and videos of your current state and movements.


After that I have everything to get to work.

Write your own workout program

3 Months of Personal Support

After I’ve done my homework I will contact you and we are going to set up a skype call.

In this 60 minutes I will discuss with you what I’ve worked out and you can ask me anything. I’m fully yours for this timeframe.

Afterwards I am going to mail you every other week, to check your progress and enhance the program. Alternatively, you can write me anytime, too.


Icon Meeting

1-on-1 Starter

This package is for anyone new. It goes for 3 months, includes one skype call, and me writing you every other week.

After 3 months you can decide to continue our partnership or work on on your own.

Icon Silver Medal

Silver Follow-Up

This package is the follow-up after you have finished the starter package and want to continue your work with me.

 It includes one checkup every other week.

Icon Gold Medal

Gold Follow-Up

This package is the follow-up after you have finished the starter package and want to continue your work with me

It includes one checkup every other week + a 60 minute skype call.

Any Questions?

Get in touch with me and feel free to ask your burning questions. If there is anything bothering you or unclear, maybe I can help you with your decision.