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Best Articles

This Blog exists now for over a year and the posts are getting lots. Looking through them all can be difficult sometimes – but that’s not your problem. On this page, I wanted to share with you the 8 best articles which helped few people and are a good starting point for anyone.


  • What the heck is Calisthenics about? – Read this introductory post to get an overview and compare it to your own idea of it (if you’ve heard of it before)
  • Beginner Program: ‘From Zero – Did you ever wanted to try out Calisthenics, but didn’t really know where to start? Check out this series to get a complete program for free or sign up for the newsletter down below.


  • Mobility vs. Flexibility – If your goal is to get more flexible and learn what both words really mean this post is a must-read! Really, I don’t use these buzzwords often.
  • Pancake Stretch, the Squat, and Pike Position – Explore these 3 fundamental lower body positions and see how you can improve each easily.

Health and Recovery

  • 4 Cornerstones of Nutrition – Rules each one should adhere to, despite his individual preferences.
  • 10 Supplements for Active Folks – People who get shit done burn more. It’s simple as that. And if your nutrition lacks some nutrients for whichever reason you should supplement that.
  • Recovery as an Athlete – Learn the most important rules to optimize your recovery and be able to do what you love for a long time.

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