Reclaim the basic mobility you need to progress in sports and as a human being

What you will get:

4 Routines

Train these 4 routines alongside your normal program. Getting more mobile takes time - that's why this program runs for no set amount of time.

4 FHD Follow-Along Routines

The videos will guide you through every exercise and show you how they are supposed to look like.

30+ page manual

Get extended in-depth content explaining every exercise. I not want you to follow the program blindly - I want you to learn what's behind everything!

Support + Lifetime access

Buy the program once - repeat it as often as you wish. Join the Facebook Group for support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for everyone who is fad of being stiff as f*ck.


It shall guide you on the path to reclaim your basic mobility – which I defined through a few specific positions every one should be capable to get into comfortably.

The goal is to get comfortably into a variety of positions. These positions are useful for more advanced bodyweight movements or your daily life:


– Pike, Straddle and Squat

– Thoracic and Shoulder Mobility

A session should take no more than 20-30 minutes, depending on how much time you need a given day.


This program is designed to fit your individual workout schedule with plenty of customization options available.


You can train it 2-4 times a week preferably after your existing workouts or on a separate day.

After purchasing this program you will have to create an account here on my page to get access into your members area.


From there you can manage your purchases and download the annexed archives coming with each program.

This program is for people new to mobility work and the world of bodyweight training.

I strongly believe every human should be able to do the movements we work on in this program. That said – it is never a bad idea to acquire a baseline of mobility to :


– Play freely with your kids
– Squat while working in the garden
– Sit comfortably on the ground
– Acquire the skills you want to
– And many more!

To perform all the exercises you don’t need much.

All you need are some resistance bands, light weights, a broomstick and some space.


If one of these is missing – we can easily swap it.

Getting more mobile is a lot like strength training!

In fact, the goal is to acquire more range of motion to safely use – and to control new range you need to strengthen it.

Without strengthening your end-range your brain will have a hard time to remember.

This program is no standalone. I highly recommend incorporating it into your existing workout regimen.


In fact, you will save a lot of time warming up if you do the program right after your strength workouts.


If you are serious about mobility you can think about doing a few mobility-only days and use the exercises explained in this program.

People reclaiming their mobility
Squats done
Coffees extinguished

Why choose this program?

I only teach self-acqiured knowledge which I learned the hard way.

I invite you to learn from my mistakes!


Besides the obvious physical aspect of working out I strongly emphasize the mind. Calisthenics and any other kind of activity not only strengthens your flesh, but also your soul.


You will find this approach of observing yourself, reflecting upon your practice, not needing to trash yourself every workout and many more, in all my programs – no matter if their main goals are mobility, strength or skills.

We are all unique – and different at the same time. With that individuality comes a complex lifestyle each of us has. I truly know that.


Fortunately there are many ways to success either. There is no such thing as a perfect program, perfect schedule, nor ultimate exercises.


That’s why my programs include many of different to make them fit your schedule. Not the other way around. What helps an awesome program if you can’t put in the work demanded?

Working out and having the same interests connects!


That was also the reason for this blog’s birth – connecting with like-minded guys and girls. And exactly that is what everything I am going to create will stand for.


Therefore, I invite you to connect with me, as well as others!


No matter what – you can get your cash back if you are not satisfied with the program. Check out my full refund policy here.

Over the course of the last 4 years, I learned everything self-taught driven through my own desire to know more.

Everyone deeply immersed into a particular topic can relate I think.


Unlike learning from a coach – self study takes more time.

You do all mistakes, you possibly can do, by yourself. There is no guide – and you are an adventurer on your own journey.


But that’s not entirely negative – through failures one learns much. I learned how to learn.

Standing Pike Stretch at home

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