About Me


Hey there! I'm Kevin.

I create my content with you in mind. It should be beneficial and of practical use. And I hope that reflects my content. The goal is to challenge the status quo the traditional fitness industry induces. The human body is much more than chest/biceps twice a week. Being fit is much more than 3 sets of 12.


I want you to succeed, to motivate you, to reach your very own goals, or even coach you to have the same epiphany as I had a few years ago.




So – if you wanna see serious improvements, or just wanna start out, regarding calisthenics, mobility, and your general well-being, stick around!


Who is
Kevin Jühlke?

After working in the hospital for 5 years, I decided to get more out of life itself. That couldn’t be all there is.

Fortunately, I found already an activity I deeply love – Calisthenics.


So I decided to give up on my job, started to study, and had the courage to found this blog and share my experiences.



I am passionate about Calisthenics, Mobility, and Movement.

Let’s see where to this whole lot leads us! 

Ich Totem Poles

Me casually around

Writing bios is hard, mate.

What I love doing

Photos, Stories
and Tutorials

This image shows a few weight plates to use in the gym.

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