Hi everyone, I'm Kevin!

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Welcome on my Blog! 👋

I create my content with you in mind. It should actually benefit you and not just waste your time.


This includes fitness tips, calisthenics guides, mobility tutorials, and nutritional knowledge.





My goal is to challenge the status quo the traditional fitness industry induces. The human body is much more than chest/biceps twice a week. Being fit is much more than 3 sets of 12.


I want you to succeed, to motivate you, to reach your very own goals or even coach you to have the same epiphany as I had few years ago.




So – if you wanna see serious improvements, or just wanna start out, regarding calisthenics, mobility and your general well-being, stick around!

What I love


Calisthenics = strength + control + mindfulness. Using your body as a whole is fun!

Getting Mobile

Don't confuse mobility with your mum's boring stretches. The real deal is fun but hard work.

Eating (healthy)

Nutrition shouldn't be limiting and instead be a fun habit, that supports your life.


My new found passion. And although many might say I suck - why not do what you love?

Writing Programs

A good program gives you the right tools to work towards your goals. If you need some guidance, I'm here for you.


Nothing is better than an awesome climbing session with your best buddy!

Answers to your questions

Who is kevin Jühlke?

Don’t mind that strange letter. Ü is some german letter and means the same as UE.


After working in the hospital for 5 years, I decided to get more out of life itself. That couldn’t be all there is.



Fortunately, I found already an activity I deeply love – Calisthenics.



So I decided to throw my deadbeat job, started to study and had the courage to start this blog to share my love.




I am deeply into calisthenics, mobility and movement. Plus, handstands and bouldering.


I want to share my passion with you through posts over here, tutorials and bite-sized knowledge over at my Insta and show you the reality behind all of that.



Let’s see where to this whole lot leads us! 

Round Image of me while driving a scooter in thailand.

How do I stay fit?

I strongly believe that staying fit year round is no witchcraft. It is more about thinking long-term and having sustainable habits every day.

Round Image of me doing a chinup.

How long do You train now?

My fitness journey started 3 years ago. After 1 year of general fitness training, I decided to dive deeper into calisthenics.

While utilizing it mainly for getting stronger I also learned to love climbing and handstands.

Round Image of me.

What am I currently doing?

Besides blogging, I am studying sports economics in Paderborn. Some small german town in the middle of nowhere. Right besides where-the-fuck-do-u-live.

Round Image of me doing a handstand in front of the colosseum in rome.

Where do I start?

If I were you, I would begin with clicking the 'start here'-button in the sidebar or check out my socials.

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